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AGM Minutes – 9th December 2019

Annual General Meeting of the Salt Way Activity Group

Attendees: D Russell, Janet Curr, Martin & Marion Hisom, Bob Campbell, Phil Street

Apologies: Peter Monk, Lynette Langley, Peter Orchard, Judy Marshall, Mark Bletchly

Chairperson’s Report – David Russell

Despite having little funding, members were very generous in using their own tools and equipment, we completed a major piece of clearance on the north side of the way near White Post Road and followed this up with tree and shrub planting with only the loss of two Scots pines (planted quite late on) – a lot of people commented on this in a favourable way.  Ivy was cleared on the south side of bill Sands Wood and some hedge planting undertaken.  Some clearance work was undertaken around the balancing pond area – near Waller Drive.

Verges were cut over the 2 mile length at least twice during the year and this has made a difference.  Users of the way have made comment.

We weren’t able to make a start on the wild flower meadow by the pond as the contractors insisted on mowing it.

We did eventually get insurance cover after a lot of chasing OCC

We were unsuccessful with our TOE grant but received one from both CDC and Arash Fatemian our local County Councillor.  Thanks to them and all our supporters.

Licence application to Natural England they have deemed we do not do one, have approved the Species Action Plan as it incorporates ‘Reasonable Avoidance Measures’

Website – Wingnut Websites have put together a superb website and I will ask members to comment when launched.  They contacted me and has done this at no charge to the group.

The future

Should we have some training days – the consensus was yes and we will start with one on hedge laying.

Activities that need assistance:

1. Recording, butterflies, birds, plants etc – we have one fern to date along the Way

2. Promotion – lottery, business cards, talks, board when working, plastic of metal signs with basic contact details.

3. Schools liaison

4. Grant applications

5. Putting up bird and bat boxes

6. History – Phil is going to look into this

7. Species action plans – hedgehogs to be the next one

8. Local people to report issues i.e. trees across Way.

Treasurer’s Report – Bob Campbell

Bob is currently trying to get NZ citizenship as their three children are already living there so he may have to be out of the country for periods exceeding 6 months.  So wants to hand over the post.  It is internet banking and we need someone in place to do this independently of the chairman.   There may be some 20 payments in and out of the account so not much input required there and organising the third party insurance – now just a renewal.  We thank Bob for his assistance in managing the accounts and getting it set up.

A spreadsheet was provide and our current position is that it is in credit for £445.30 with a payment from CDC of some £239 to come in and one more claim pending.

Bob pointed out that the OCC payment towards the insurance cover was £175 and the actual payment was £276.40 he felt it might be around £350 this year – due on 23 February 2020.

Facebook Report – Phil Street

Phil has put together another facebook page as we could no longer use the old one – no one could access it to update etc!  The link with the website is being corrected.

Phil vets people asking to be members.  He asks that if members have facebook friends who may be interested in helping to ask them join the group.

Phil also felt the Facebook page was a good medium to contact people who may be willing to help with the group rather than some of the other media facilities. 

Thanks to Phil for taking on this role

Other matters:

  1. Stand in for treasurer – incorporated in treasurer’s report.
  2. Any volunteers for various tasks
  3. Recruitment of volunteers

Election of officers

Phil and Dave agreed to stay on but we need a replacement for our treasurer.  No one volunteered to take on a task. 

Any other business: 

  1. Martin reported that rubbish from a builder had been tipped at the Broughton Road end – David to pass on to Ruth (Rights of Way).
  2. We will organise a training video for hedge laying, this can be linked to the website and facebook pages to draw in interest.
  3. It was agreed we would try and make the work day the same time each month so people can put it in their diaries.
  4. We should see what links can be made with other groups e.g. Bodicote Archives, BBOWT and Wild Banbury, Parish and Town councils.
  5. We discussed articles for the Banbury Guardian – they we are told have no reporters and rely on people putting in items for publication.


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